Home Schooling

img_20180918_114204909“You’re doing what?”

The standard response to the news that I was taking my children out of school. Although some people just laughed because they didn’t believe me. But that’s what we did. Because we could. Because I believe school is not the only way. Because I believe things can change but someone has to be prepared to do things differently. Thankfully many people have gone this way before me. I read a lot. I read blogs of people homeschooling. I looked into the law. I looked at my children, my family, myself, my friends. I read of pitfalls and terrifying homeschool ‘checkerup’ people. I read of people ‘under the radar’, I read of court appearances, accusations of negligence, wanting to create a register, unschooling.  Life done differently. Children who wished they’d been to school, children who wished they’d been homeschooled. I read about travellers. I read about deregistering from school or not registering in the first place. I read about the things that we do that we think are compulsory and I saw a lot of wrong beliefs, understanding, wrong thinking. I’ve worked in a school. I’ve been to school. I’ve been well and truly schooled. I’ve helped in different classes while my children were in school. I’ve worked with ‘special needs’ pupils, and I’ve watched as so many have been let down by the school system. I’ve known truly inspirational teachers, I’ve known teachers so stressed by it all, that all they could do was take it out on the pupils.  I’ve known children who’ve flourished in school, and those who have withered.  So it’s not a matter of right or wrong but of choice.

Because, at the end of it all, life is so much more than compulsory education.  My children are so much more than they realise. Whether they learn the things they believe that they need to learn, or do the things they believe they need to do, I hope they realise, that these things are really no where near as important as they think they are.






6 thoughts on “Home Schooling

  1. Thank you. It’s definitely worth looking into and thinking about, even if you choose not to do it – just so you know there are always other options. And it’s also ok not to send them to nursery or school until you think they’re ready. But if you’re planning on moving it’s worth looking at the local laws regarding home education. I was fortunate to have a couple of friends who home schooled, both doing it so differently. And that’s the exciting part – there is no one way to do this. Unschooling is the way I prefer. And John Holt is a great read.


  2. Good for you! I have many issues with state led, government education, essentially public school but we are still part of the system…. doesn’t mean we’ll stay in it, especially because we know we have options (even here in Canada). Not everyone is so lucky. 😊

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  3. Today, I wondered how did education become a law? Very often, those things that become mandatory are made so because people would not utilize otherwise. If there could be a bill allowing everyone and family to decide for themselves whether to send their children to public, private, or charter school, or teach at home, or utilize their own resources in whatever each family wishes, then schools would have to be competitive, offer something parents want for their children, and no longer would their be curriculum parents have difficulty understanding. And teachers, as myself, would be free to demonstrate their resources to vie for those positions. What a different world it would be, embracing constitutional freedoms.

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