Thoughts and Reality

A million thoughts go on in my head daily, often it seems like they’re all at the same time.  And what I have to remember is – they’re just thoughts.  They aren’t reality.  They come.  They go.  They change.  They aren’t me.  They don’t define me.  My thoughts on a subject can be completely different than somebody else’s on the same subject.  We know this.  We see this.  And yet we don’t really recognise it and accept it and what it means.  Just because we believe something, it doesn’t mean it’s true.  Just because someone else believes something, it doesn’t mean, or make it true.  When I fail to recognise this, I can be harsh and judgemental.  Our arguments can go round and round, with no outcome other than thinking that the other person is stupid for not being able to see things from our point of view.  But, why should they be able to?  No one else has the same point of view.  No one else has the same life, the same thoughts, the same understandings.  Trying to impress our way of thinking on people, without being able to hear what they have to say, causes disagreements and bad feelings.  We’re all living different realities.  We all see things differently.  And understand them differently.

We know that we shouldn’t pay too much attention to our thoughts.  One day I think I know everything, the next, that I know nothing.  And neither are true, or helpful.  I think that a certain person is a bully, until I learn something new about them that completely changes my perspective of them.  It might not even be something true that I learn about them.  Or I simply might be in a better mood.  So many things affect how we view the world.  There is no one way of understanding.




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