Days like these …

Some days my life looks like …


And other days it looks like …


But most of the time … it’s a mix of both.




2 thoughts on “Days like these …

  1. Hey, I want to share my own walk of experiences, and maybe we both can learn from each other’s posts: You can read from my own past. I was one of those students that didn’t get the classroom experience, often not hearing the teacher, but reading comics and children’s encyclopedias at home. I did much better in middle school, but rebelled against education in high school. I decided to work. I worked. I tried many jobs including sales, zoo keeping, restaurant, and other things like fence repair and moving, not to mention assembly line work and flower shops. However, I eventually finished my university work, later becoming a teacher, and for over the past two decades, I’ve encourage our youth to think for themselves. However, the difficulty is all that is behind them, including their own family structures, or lack thereof, their peers, and a system that is not cued into how children think, that they’re all different, but that we need to educate them in the basics and what this country is all about: truly. But more of that can be read on my site.
    In my class, I hold the students responsible for what I teach. However, whether this sounds counter, I encourage them to think for themselves. I’ve said it this way, which I’ve heard other teachers I’ve come across. Right now, you have to do the work I put before you, because you’re here, it’s a requirement, but I’ll do everything I can so the work is meaningful and useful, not just to fulfill the standards. So, we do the work, there is creativity, and sometimes students will share ideas we turn into lessons. I’ve been amazed at some of their stories, plays, art projects (sometimes related to their work), even songs and other creations. And as the year progresses, I encourage them not only to come up with ideas, but to explain their reasoning. If it’s their reasoning, then I appreciate, whether I agree or not. Even if I’m sharing history or current events, if they disagree, we’re good, as long as they’re respectful and can explain their points. But I also share that if they really want to debate, then they have to be prepared to answer my questions regarding their reasoning. If they just want to explain but not be challenged, that’s okay too.
    A friend of mine, today, shared that schools should also do their part in preparing kids for the future. We think trades and crafts, along with future plans if children already know what they want to do becomes a part. And their skills with basic math, writing, and such all need to be there so a kid utilizes such thing. After all, if children don’t have an understanding of how the world works, what work entails, what life entails, they will be struggling more than ever later. Most of the time. And how often have we heard the teen who says they’ll go to college and figure it out when they get there? That rarely happens. In life, we can’t be wishy-washy, but we do need to be ourselves as well, with responsibility we’ve learned as we grew up with the understanding we’ve come to understood, often with good examples around us.

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