Beliefs and Truth

We all believe different things.  Whether we realise it or not we are all tied to our beliefs. And our beliefs affect the things we do.  What we think about a situation creates our reality, our experience. I believed for years that school was compulsory, that if your children didn’t go to school you could go to prison.  What a way to bring children up, believing this.  That children need to go to school to keep their parents out of prison.  We may not even realise that we hold these beliefs and ideas.  We may not realise what other people are picking up from us.  I was in my 40s when I realised that school is not compulsory.  But I had to be open to hearing other ideas in order to find this out.  Where we lived there was a large traveller community.  And the authorities were trying everything to get the children into school.  It was hailed a great success when one made it through high school. And getting GCSEs ?- these were splashed about on all the media sources.  And while I’m not putting down education, I don’t agree with a world that creates rules as though they are truth, that makes people who don’t follow, agree, conform, feel less than.  We think that we are such a progressive society, but if we are, we’re sacrificing something for it.  Travellers without schooling, are humans the same as everyone else.  The decision to take away our autonomy has a huge affect on society.  And a lot of people can’t even see that it’s being taken away.  In a day where we say we value diversity, do we really?  I firmly believe that parents should be free to bring their children up as they wish.  Our ideas of right and wrong are based on so many lies.  In any one day I can hear so many messages about what I’m doing wrong, and how I can put it right.  How to be a success.  How to change myself in any way.  How so many people were ‘just’ cleaners until they were 50.  So many messages that say we are not enough as we are. That there’s a right and wrong way of living. That there are so many things that we ‘need’ to be doing.

How about we start from a place of enough and see where we go from there?


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